The Conference


The conference aimed, once more, at serving as a forum for the presentation and discussion on cherry-tomato cultivation and the technology and promotion issues related to this up and coming product

Special attention was given to the “Santorini Cherry Tomato”, its processed products and their uses.

The gastronomy of Santorini and its strong relation to the “Santorini Cherry Tomato” had a special place in the conference and parallel events to be held.

Eminent specialists in the topics of the conference participated as speakers. At the same time, the conference organizers invited scientists, researchers and industry executives to share their knowledge on the subject. All these in the perfect setting…the famous island of Santorini.

This conference was more relevant than ever and had a celebratory nature, firstly because the recognition of "Santorini Cherry Tomato" as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product was in due course and secondly, because the ever-growing demand has led to more farmers, producers and cultivated area.

The previous two conferences that were held in 2002 and 2005 were the starting point for today¢s success of the “Santorini Cherry Tomato” as well as a number of other topics related to the local agriculture and the gastronomy of the island.